Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches on Earth

2. Baia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Baia do sancho beach is located in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. It has amazingly hot water because of the south equatorial current that pushes water from africa to the island. If you love scubadiving the water is so hot that diving 30 to 40 meters doesn’t require a wetsuit. For this beach you have to work a little to get there, including a 5-10meter metal ladder. But you’ll think its worth the hard work once you get there, It’s like paradise on earth. The beach has a waterfall! and not to mention crystal clear waters that you can chill out in after your walk.

1. Grace Bay – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Lastly on this list we have the best beach of them all, The amazing Grace Bay. Located in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos this Beach features crystal clear water, where the water has just the right temperature to cool off while you’re laying and getting your tan on. There are almost no waves. Meaning you can bring a cool beverage out in the water while you lay on your floaty thingy. With the waters special blend of blue and turquoise you can just loose yourself just staring out into the open waters. Not only this, but the trump card of this beach is that it has world class diving. Miles and miles of coral reefs not too far away from the shore. It is also close to a common migration route for the humpback whale. And that is why this defenately makes this the one Beach you should add to your bucket list.
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