Top 5 Most Beautiful Castles On Earth

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5. Miranda Castle, Belgium

Starting off with the creepyest castle on this list we have Miranda Castle also known as Noisy Castle. its a 19th century neo-gothic castle in Celles, Belgium.
The castle was built by the english architect Edwar milner back in 1866. He was commisioned by the very welthy Beaufort family that left their old castle during the French Revolution. The unfortunate thing is that Milner died before the caslte was completed and it was completed in 1907.
The castle has seen alot of things trough-out the years. The family lived there until the nazis came in world war 2. Actually a portion of the Battle of the bulge took place right on this property. It was later taken over by the National Railway Company of Belgium in 1950. It was used as an orphanage and as a holiday camp for sickly children until the late 1970’s
Today the castle has been abandoned since 1991. The cost of maintaining the property just wasn’t profitable and the search for investors failed. Despite all this it has been a favorite destination for urban explorers, or just people that loves abandoned buildings. i mean a completely empty castle you can roam around in? Seems pretty cool.  However people has been vandalising the castle and it was closed to the public in june 2016.

4. Bodiam Castle, England.

This castle will blow your mind with its impeccable quvadratic exterior. With its grand moat that sorounds the castles four walls, you will find one of the most perfect portrayed castels. Bodiam castle is located near robertsbridge in east sussex.
 From the commands of Richard the second, it was build in the year 1385 by sir Edward Dallyngrigge. This castles mission was to protect England aganist an inavsion from france. But that might not be sir edvards intent. He wanted to create a castle more known for it looks than its defences. Unfortunaluy, Most of the interoir was destroyd by the englsih civil war.
Trough many years it was sold from one to another and making slow progression on the Restoration of the castle. It was given to The National Trust in 1925 and is now a Grade 1 protected national monument, Fortunately for us it is open to the public today.

3. Alcazar de Segovia

In The old town of Segovia, you will find one of spains most famous castels. It’s often described as the castle that’s sailing between the two rivers.
Orginally the towering castle was bulit as an arab fortress with roots back to the first part of the 12th century. Later in the 12th century in was tranformed into a royal palace by King alfonso of the purpose to defend the kindom of castille. Trough out the medeval era it became a royal recidens for many legndary monaarchs. Later on the the royal court was moved to madrid and alcazar became a notorius prison. However in 1896 it was handed over to the Minestry of war and is today a royal school of Artillary.

2 . Mont Saint Michel, France

Troughout history, France has been a creator of many legendary castels. Right where normandy meets the border to brittany (bretagne) we can find the wonder of the western world.  On a Rocky tidal island Le mont Saint mikel rises and forms a tower in the heart of the island.  Sorrunded by the sea it is invaded by europes higest tide. With  the astonishing diffrence at 15 meters between low and high tide.
The rocky tidy island has historcal roots thats extends back to  before the 6th century. . The first cunstruction on the island appered in the 8th century. The legend has it that the Arc-angel Michal commanded the bischop of avarches to build a church . the bishop refused to obey and the arch-angel burned a hole in the bishops scull with his  bare finger.
The result was the rising  of the curch in the year 709. This was the start of a new addition of varius buldings contructed on the island and also an expansion of older buldings.  The walls of the medeval castle as seen its fair share of history.  Something that gives the castle the special ability to take you back to the atmosphere in the mediavl era.

1 . Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

If you want to visit one of the best castles in Germany, maybe even the best the neuschwanstein castle is the place for you. This time we are going to the south of germany, Near the alps in Bavaria close to the little town Fussen. The castle stands tall on a solid cliff watching over the panoramic moutain-scenery in the background.
The incredible landscape is one of the reasons King ludwig choose this particular scenery for his medival vision of the palace . The history behind this fairytale castle is rather intresting in its self. After the king was forced to take the throne at the age of 18, Bavaria suffered a huge millitary deafeat. Insted of proseccesing his deafeat he bulid himself a fairytale castle in 1869.
The castle is mostly ispired by the mad kings obessesen with Wagner. He was later arrested in 1886 for being unfit as an monarch and named Mad king ludwig. The construction stopped after ludwigs death and it’s still not entirely finshed. But it’s possible to visit the castle today.
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