Top 5 Wierdest Traditions Around The World

From Dropping babies off rooftops to getting your hands stung by Bulletants here are the top 5 wierdest Traditions Around the world
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5. Baby Tossing

The tradition Baby Tossing or baby dropping has been seen in India for over 500 years. The tradition involves a baby getting dropped by a priest 200feet  from the top of a temple down to a cloth held by men on the ground. The baby is then quickly picked up and passed around the crowd in celebration before returning to the mother. The ritual is supposed to give the baby good luck and health for when it grows up. Local campaigners has been trying to shut this tradition down because of how dangerous it is and was banned in 2011, but it was seen the year after, and is still practiced today.

4. Living With The Dead!

On the indonesian island of sulawesi we find one of the most bizzare traditions on this list. Living with the dead. They say that the dead live on in our hearts and mind, but on this indonesian island it isn’t enough. After a family member dies they still give them food, pray together, talk to them, they don’t see them as dead, but more like they are sleeping or sick. Poor families keep them for several weeks, middle class several months and high class keep them for a few years before they have a proper funeral. Some families say that they are not ready to let them go to the afterlife. At the funeral they sacrefice a buffalo to make the transition to the afterlife easier, when it’s all done they put the corps in a chest and then put the chest a chamber. Every few years the families does a secound funeral. They open up the chest, get the corpse clean and put on some new clothes.

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