10 Top Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Everyone knows that going to Las Vegas is probably something that needs to be planned well ahead. It is, after all, the best place to spend, lose or win money. But since the only guaranteed parts are spending and losing, you might as well, try to find some free things to do in Las Vegas – just in case the winning thing did not happen. The following are the top ten free things to do in Las Vegas if you have lost most of what you have on the tables:

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1. Enjoy the Fountain Show

Visiting Las Vegas without watching the Bellagio Fountains is like going to Disneyland without seeing Mickey Mouse. Shows happen every half hour during the afternoons and every 15 minutes at night. Get mesmerize as the water shoots up to hundreds of feet up in the air as the music of Celine Dion fills the air. So, this is one of the truly classy and romantic yet free things to do Las Vegas.

2. Taste Free Wine

There are several locations in Las Vegas that offer free wine tastings. Rock ‘N Roll Wine offers free tastings every Thursday night in rotating places like at the VICE VERSA and the Artisan Lounge. The usual blends include white and red wines, but sometimes surprise blends are provided. Just sign up for an event in advance. So, if you are a wine lover, this activity has to be in your never-miss free things to do in Las Vegas.

3. Watch an Erupting Volcano

There is no need to get out of the city to watch an erupting volcano. The Mirage has one, right in front of their resort. The volcano is a true masterpiece and it never fails attracting people. While an Indian-inspired music floats in the air, the fake volcano erupts, makes loud explosive sounds, shoots fire, spews lava and makes tourist thing that something has really blown up. So, you can’t exclude this one from a list of free things to do in Las Vegas.

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  1. I think best free thing I’ve done in Vegas was just walking between all the hotels. It was like disneyland for adults to me!
    I was budget, so I played just a little bit of poker. Lost just 30 bucks 🙂

  2. JediMind | 10/03/2017 at | Reply

    Rather than stroll “in” Fremont Street…I prefer to stroll ON Fremont Street. Try some grammar.

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