10 Top Tourist Attractions in London

6. St Paul’s Cathedral 

People who collect postcards will certainly want a postcard with the great dome standing tall in a burning city. That is the Cathedral Church of St Paul the Apostle. It is the most active church in London and has great religious and historical value. Its dome is one of the tallest and biggest domes in the whole world. It is one of the most symbolic and recognizable structures in London. For More Information Please Visit: http://www.stpaulboston.org/

5. Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey is a gothic structure carrying the signatures of the medieval period. From that time, kings and queens have been crowned and buried in this church. All the royal weddings took place here. Total 40 tombs of kings and queens lay inside it. It is literally filled with the remains of saints, soldiers and scholars who put the “great” in “Great Britain”. The “lady Chapel” of King Henry VII, The elaborate ceilings, and the wall of modern stained glass are truly wonderful sights. Being rich with the memories of glories, Westminster Abbey is the religious heart of England. So, it has to be one of the top London Attractions. For More Information Please Visit: http://www.westminster-abbey.org/

4. The Big Ben

Big Ben photoIf you feel a bit of fantasy when you hear the sound of a clock bell, it is because of the big clock tower that stands at the north corner of Westminster palace in London. Previously, the tower was called “the Elizabeth Tower”. But now, it is commonly known as Big Ben. Big Ben is actually the 13 ton bell housed within the tower. It has a four faced chiming clock and is one of the tallest clocks in the world. It has been keeping time flawlessly since 1834. Big Ben is one of the most popular, iconic and recognizable tourist attractions in London. For More Information Please Visit: http://www.bigbenfacts.co.uk/facts/


3. The Tower of London

The great prison Tower of London struck fear in the hearts of English people for over a thousand of years. Built mainly to serve mainly as a prison, it was also used as royal residence, armory, zoo and treasure house from time to time. The Tower of London is actually a combination of total 20 towers. The graffiti left by the prisoners on the walls tells horrific stories of their punishments. Legends such as Ghosts of the traitors, Ravens of the towers make one feel like travelling back in time. The habitats called the Beef-eaters still carry the tales of the sinners to this day. For More Information Please Visit: http://www.hrp.org.uk/TowerOfLondon/

2. The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace photoThe Buckingham Palace is the official residence for the queen of British monarchy. This famous building is rooted deep into the emotions of British people for its magnificent and mysterious history of triumphs and tragedies throughout the ages. Here the lives and livings of past kings and queens and princesses of British monarchy can still be felt almost like a fairy tale.  Some rooms are open for the tourists during summer time. The royal art galleries inside the palace and the “changing of the guard” ceremony are some notable attractions of the Buckingham Palace. It is surely one of the most visited tourist attarctions in London. For More Information Please Visit: http://www.royal.gov.uk/theroyalresidences/buckinghampalace/buckinghampalace.aspx

1. The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in London. It is said to contain more than 8 million works of human history and culture. The chronicle of western civilization, the British Museum has the largest collection of antiquities from Egyptian Civilization, the most mysterious civilization of the world. Entry to the museum is completely free and the museum has a large number of guides who are highly knowledgeable about different exhibits in the museum. These guides explain the magnitude of each and every exhibit and answer questions asked by visitors. For More Information Please Visit: www.britishmuseum.org/

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