10 Top Tourist Attractions in Mumbai

Mumbai, formally Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra state of India. It is considerably the most populated and one of the busiest cities in India. Mumbai might not have as many historical attractions as many other places in India, still there are some wonderful attractions that worth both your money and time. Here, ten most popular tourist attractions are noted.

10. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

One of the most famous and symbolic traditions of Mumbai is its massive open air laundry region by Mahalaxmi Railway Station. The people who washes these laundries are called “dhobi” or washer men and thus it is called the “dhobi ghat” or washer men station. They collect dirty clothes from people all around Mumbai. A spectacular scene can be viewed here as thousand washer men scrub and beat the cloths to get it cleaned standing in a knee high water. Over the years this place has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mumbai. For more information please visit www.vocativ.com/culture/health…/dhobighat-mumbais-laundry-slum/

9. Juhu Beach

The Juhu Beach lays on the suburb region of Juhu in Mumbai. This region is very popular to the celebrities of Bollywood, the largest film industry of India. Regular citizens will often come here to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The beach has a very peaceful environment because it is usually not very crowded. This beach, like many other beaches in India has food stalls or vendors selling varied afternoon snacks. It is one of the most visited and most popular sandy beaches in India. So, it has to be one of the never-miss tourist attractions in Mumbai. For more information please visit www.mumbai.org.uk/marine-drive/juhubeach.html

8. Marine Drive

Constructed over the naturally formed bay along the coasts of South Mumbai, Marine Drive is a boulevard famous for the beautiful promenade. At dusk many local people come here almost as a ritual to spend a little refreshing and relaxing time. It can give you an amazing view of the setting sun through line of palm trees. This place is a very popular residential for many Indian celebrities. The biggest and the most exotic restaurants of Mumbai are found here. This certainly is a place worthy of your visit. For more information please visit www.mumbai.org.uk/marinedrive/marinedrive.htm

7. Essel World

Essel World is Asia’s largest theme water park and it is situated in Gorai of Mumbai. It is a very popular holiday destination for people of all ages in India. It has a total of 13 family rides, 9 children rides and 9 other thrill rides suitable for adults. It is considered very popular to the foreign visitors as a party heaven as it houses colored and foggy lights, HD audio and glass dance floors. It is gaining more and more global popularity every day. So, it is one of the tourist attractions in Mumbai you will love spending few hours. For more information please visit https://www.esselworld.in/

6. Markets and Bazaars

Throughout history India eluded merchants from all over the world with its markets full of spicy foods and sparkling antiquities. And Mumbai is still full of street shops where the former glory of India still glows. The Colaba Causeway with its colorful pavement vendors and stalls, Chorbazar or thief markets, Linking Road are just a areas filled with fascinating markets for cheap shoes, ornaments, toys and spices of all kinds. If you travel to India you should certainly not miss these markets.

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