10 Top Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

06. Kaikoura

Kaikoura is a tiny coastal town located in South Island. It is a favorite destination for seafood lovers. Off the shore, dolphins, albatrosses, sperm whales and fur seals can be seen. Most visitors here enjoy indulging in mussels, blue cod and fresh crayfish. For land lovers, a wilderness walk through the dramatic and untamed Kaikoura forest is the most recommended activity. Yummy seafood and spectacular natural surrounding make Kaikoura one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand.

05. Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier in Westland National Park is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. It is possible for visitors to walk right up to the massive glacier’s foot. You can also enjoy the sights by taking a helicopter ride that would fly you over the magnificent remnant of the Ice Age. The landscape and adventure that the Franz Josef Glacier offers make it one of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand.

04. Rotorua Lake

Rotorua Tharmal LakeRotoura is popularly known as New Zealand’s thermal wonderland. This lake offers numerous hot springs and geysers, several of which are located in reserves and parks. New locations offer occasional presence of natural mud, hot water and steam eruptions. Neighbouring Wai-O-Tapu also offers hot springs that are popular for beautiful and colorful appearance.

03. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National ParkTongariro National Park is New Zealand’s first national park and it is popular for its extremes and surprises. It has a diverse array of ecosystems, including active volcanoes, tranquil lakes, untamed forests, desert-like plateaus and herb fields, making it one of the finest tourist attractions in New Zealand. You can start trekking from the Whakapapa Visitor centre, a three-hour hike from the magnificent Taranaki Falls. This short hike takes visitors trough forest and scrubland and across the lava line produced from volcanic eruptions that occurred hundreds of years ago.

02. Bay of Islands

Considered as one of New Zealand’s most famous holiday destinations, Bay Islands is a picturesque region that is comprised of 144 islands, several secluded beaches and a few beautiful sandy beaches. There is a multitude of marine life living on this bay including penguins, dolphins, whales and the big marlin. This is a famous destination for international sport fishermen and sailing yachts.

01. Milford Sound

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in New Zealand, Milford Sound is located at the most northern end of the Fiordland National Park. It offers a wonderful combination of spectacular features, adventures, breathtaking coastal scenery, dark blue waters and dramatic peaks. Milford Sound was actually described as the Eighth Wonder of the World as it is indeed a magical attraction carved and formed by glaciers from the ice ages. What makes this New Zealand attraction truly enticing is that it is a wonderful location no matter what the weather is. When it rains – and it really rains a lot in Milford Sound – the enchanting waterfalls multiply in spectacular effect as more water cascades down the cliffs.

These are the 10 best tourist attractions in New Zealand. While in New Zealand, don’t forget to learn about different aspects of native Mouri culture and taste some of the best local cuisines.

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