10 Helpful Tips To Travel With Your Kids

6. Bring on small toys

Toys like puzzles, coloring books, toy cars, video games, etc. will keep the young ones entertained and busy. It will prevent them from getting cranky and bored which will ultimately lead to tantrums.

7. Give the kids a camera and a journal notebook

Give your kids a chance to snap photos and spark their creativity by allowing them to use the camera while guiding them.  Likewise, encourage them to write the places they’ve been, their new experiences, the food they tried into a journal notebook that they can keep forever.

8. Don’t let the children pack their bags entirely

While it’s good to give kids the initiative to pack the stuff they want for them to acquire travel skills, make sure to check their bags if they brought the essentials such as clothes, underwears, baby wipes, sanitizers, etc.

Travel with your kids9. Scan or snap a photo of your significant documents

Scan or snap pictures of your passports, green cards, visa pages of your passports and birth certificates so if you ever misplace these things, you can still be free from hassle.

10. Ask recommendations from locals

Famous tourist spots tend to be very crowded and the entrance lines are endless. If you want a diversion, ask locals in that particular area for unpopular and less visited attractions that can be an alternative. But if you can’t resist visiting famous spots, ask the locals for restaurant and shop recommendations as those near the spots tend to be very expensive and not worth the buck.

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