Visiting the Most Beautiful National Parks in Queensland – Eco-Travel Edition

National Parks in QueenslandFitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley cycling route, Morton National Park

If you are thinking about a perfect destination to spend a holiday, search no more, Queensland is the place to visit. Extraordinary wildlife along with the intact nature in Queensland are Australia’s best kept secret. There is no better place to go green. By embarking on eco-friendly activities while visiting the magnificent national parks of Queensland you will help protect the environment and have some fun too.

Go for a walk in Brisbane Forest Park

Once you have discovered what a beautiful city Brisbane is, you are about to visit some of the places with less hustle and bustle. Go to Brisbane Forest Park which stretches over 28,500 hectares. There are a lot of trails to follow so be sure to have some quality walking shoes with you. You will get to see a lot of bird species and enjoy in soothing surroundings. Be sure not to pollute the environment once you get there, forget about plastic bottles and everything. Please refrain from smoking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimage: Amanda Slater, Flickr

Climb up the volcanic Moogerah Peaks National Park

If you are fond of climbing, you should definitely visit Moogerah Peaks National Park. The place is actually made of volcanic peaks you can climb upon. However, only experienced climbers are allowed to enter it due to the intact nature. It is relatively undeveloped but what you will see there is bound to leave you breathless. Unsurpassed view, along with wildlife is what makes Moogerah Peaks one of the top national parks in Australia.

image 2Image: Tatters ❀,  Flickr

Explore Carnarvon National Park by riding a bike

Go to the central highlands of Queensland and discover the Carnarvon national park with its unsurpassed beauty. If you are into bikes you should better find some electric bikes in shops across Australia. You will not have to worry about anything while you explore the magnificent gorges and sandstone cliffs. Electric bike is great because it will cause no harm to the environment and it will help you climb up even the most difficult cliffs.

National Parks in Queensland

Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley cycling route, Morton National Park        Image 3:

Camping in Girringun National Park

What you absolutely need to see once you visit Australia is the picturesque Girringun National Park. There are Australia’s highest waterfalls and you will definitely like to spend a couple days in their vicinity. Camping is ideal for exploring the park’s natural wonders and having a couple of days off to unwind completely.

image 4Image paul bica, Flickr

Go bushwalking in Lamington National Park

Relax in Lamington National Park and see the numerous bird species. You can go bushwalking because there are a lot of trails. This close encounter with the Australian nature is something you should absolutely experience. You will get to see a lot of robins among the bushes. However, plan to go there early in the morning to avoid the unbearable heat. Remember, you should leave the environment as it was before you visiting it – do not pollute in any way!

image 5Image: James Manner, Flickr

Try out water activities in Noosa National Park

The Sunshine Coast and its picture-perfect Noosa is what you need if you are looking for some water activities. Go surfing or stand up paddle boarding. Be sure to get the boards which are made from non-toxic materials so that you cause no harm to the surroundings. Simply enjoy in the picturesque sights while you catch a glimpse of koalas, black cockatoo and parrots.

image 6Image: Jolene Wang, Flickr

Queensland is brimming with intact nature and magnificent national parks. Spend an active eco-friendly holiday by opting for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, walking, riding electric bikes or bushwalking and get to see the best of Australian flora and fauna.

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