Step in the World’s Tallest Elevators

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Engineering, hand in hand with advancement, has reached a level that is completely noteworthy, and some of the greatest evidences beautify the substance of the earth as excellent structures, landmarks, models, and so forth. Man has possessed the capacity to rise above great heights to an astounding level, and this has been possible with the invention of elevators. There are some jaw-dropping elevator rides in the world which surely can make your stomach upset and your blood curdle. So if you are fond of reaching the summits, then take these elevator rides across the world.

5. The Ericsson Globe Skyview, Stockholm

The Ericsson Globe, which is the biggest hemispherical structure on the planet, is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, and is 279 feet tall with a width of 361 feet. This globular structure has SkyView glass gondolas on the external side, which give the visitors a 20 min trip along the bend right to the top. A standout amongst the most surprising and highest elevators on the planet, it gives the best perspective of the horizon.

4. Taipei 101, Taiwan

If you wish to experience the speed at which a rocket zooms in the space, then this is the place you encounter rocket speed without leaving the Earth. The 1,667-feet, 101-story building has 67 lifts, including two to the observation deck that are the world’s second quickest. There are other lifts as well that are two stories high and open on two stories at the same time.

3. The Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower still uses Gustave Eiffel’s unique lift motors, which are over exceptionally old. These motors have been totally re-established and modernized, and guests can see them direct by dropping into the tower’s storm cellar. The tower was built to serve as the entrance arch to the 1889 World’s Fair. Its lifts take visitors up to a height of 1,050 feet, from where they can view the beauty of Paris in its whole wonder.

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