7 Tips For A Better Time At The Beach

Preparing For Your Day At The Beach

A day out at the beach can be great fun. It can be a time to relax and enjoy the weather. If you aren’t prepared then it could be a disaster. If you are going with children and you are unprepared then it could be the worst day of your life. Here are some tips and advice on how to properly prepare for your much needed day out at the beach.

7. Invest in A Mesh Bag

One of the most annoying things after a day at the beach is finding your phone, keys and other items covered in sand. It is a good idea to use a beach tote mag made from mesh. That way you can just give it a shake and all the sand will fall out. This also means you don’t have to clean out everything when you get home. Having one of these backpack diaper bags is a good idea. These are great for storing wet clothes and towels in. The last thing you want is a soggy bundle of clothes to carry around. Also keep an extra bag for your rubbish. If you want the beach to be a safe and clean place then do your part in keeping it that way.

6. Take Floating Devices

This is a must if you have children. Armbands and life jackets are literally life savers. Even if you watch your children constantly are with them in the water, they still need them. They will run off, paddle and swim and accident can happen quickly. Take this safety measure for your peace of mind when at the beach.

5. Pack Food into Separate Containers

When you prepare food for the beach pack everything separately. If you accidentally drop something in the sand then you have something else. Always pack extra because the sun and sea will make you hungry. If you have children then bring a lot of water.

4. Swap A Towel For a Yoga Mat

If you want to take a nap then think about using a yoga mat instead of a towel. They are waterproof and extra soft. They also won’t get buried under the sand because they are thicker. Consider a yoga mat for the beach, this also means you can save the towel for drying yourself off with.

3. Use Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Always use sunscreen for protecting your skin. Children should never be out in the sun without high SPF sunscreen. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Consider taking lip balm with you as your lips will dry out quicker from the heat and salt water.

2. Bring a Beach Tent

Sometimes the heat can get a bit too much. If you have young children then having a shaded area to escape to is another essential not to forget. These are inexpensive and will make your day less stressful. Your little one can grab some down time and play in the shade. Beach tents are also ideal if you want somewhere private to get changed in. You can also store your belongings in beach tents.

1. Bring a Beach Chair

Last but not least, the beach chair is the next thing not to forget. Beach chairs are so easy to take with you and they usually fold up quite small. They are perfect if you want somewhere to enjoy a cold drink by the water. Beach chairs offer comfort and are practical to use on the sand.

Prepare and pack for your day out and you can enjoy an unforgettable day with the ones you love under the sun.

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