15 Best Things To Do In Melbourne

3. Eat At Melbourne’s Top Locations

Eateries across the city in places like Brunswick, Carlton, Richmond, Southbank, and Chinatown are excellent options for first-time visitors to get a taste of Melbourne.

4. Shop At CBD; Bourke Street

CBD; Bourke Street

Shopping in the CBD; Bourke Street is by far the place to go for shopping. If you’re looking for more exclusive couture then I would recommend the east end of Collins St where all the designers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Versace stores are located. Chapel Street is another urban-chic, must-see place to go for shopping and eating.

5. Use Melbourne’s Public Transport

Melbourne Public Transport

Melbourne has probably the best metro/tram/bus rail system in Australia, which uses one universal card (Myki). You can take a ride on any of these modes and get anywhere your adventurous heart desires, most hours of the day. All the trams within the square of the Melbourne CBD are free, so you can get to know the area pretty well. There is a free tram called the City Circle which is an old-fashioned tram-car that runs all day long around the city making stops at some of the most historical places in Melbourne. It is a Melbourne icon and the driver/guide gives a running commentary on the history of The Victorian capital and at every stop explains something new so people can snap pictures and discover more about the city. Thus, using Melbourne’s public transport for exploring the city is one of the best things to do in Melbourne.

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  1. I live in Melbourne.. I think you have confused live-ability with exciting… New York it aint!

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