15 Best Things To Do In Melbourne

6. Visit Museums, National Galleries And Libraries In Melbourne

Culture, music, books and history about Australia and its’ immigrants can be found everywhere, mainly in the city the best museums and national galleries, as well libraries and the Melbourne now which has the most amount of books related to history in Victoria. Bars around the city have gigs most of the nights of the week with great Jazz and Blues. Melbourne characterizes soft good Jazz with the biggest Festival in Australia every June, congregating a massive amount of musicians and jazz lovers from all over the world.

7. Enjoy Melbourne’s Endless Number of Festivals

Melbourne Festival, one of the best things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne is the city in Australia by far with the most number of festivals happening at the American time, every weekend you can find different types of things to do or international festivals of different types and most of them are for free and family friendly, for this reason, there is never a chance to get bored in Melbourne. It is the fun, loud and energizing, you will never feel like “there is nothing to do” Melbourne never sleeps.

8. Explore Botanical Gardens and Parks In Melbourne

There is a huge amount of parks around Melbourne in general but every single neighborhood has it owns playground, park or botanical garden which makes it amazing for runners, bikers or just people that like to spend time reading or chilling in the park. When is summer you see most of the people taking their lunch breaks at Parkes, in the shade though, when is not 45C degrees.

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  1. I live in Melbourne.. I think you have confused live-ability with exciting… New York it aint!

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