Work and Travel: 11 Great Jobs That Will Allow You To Travel

Work and Travel

Traveling is a great activity that allows you to explore the world and learn about different cultures. The sad fact is that traveling can sometimes be a luxury denied to many. After all, it does require money to travel. But what if you can get a job that will let you travel? Will you grab the chance? If so, here are some top job choices that allow you to work and travel:

Work For An Airline

Work and TravelYou do not have to be a pilot or a flight steward to have the chance to enjoy some travel perks that comes with working for airlines. Even airline employees that work as call center agents are given the privilege to work and travel.

Be a Security Sales Agent

The good thing about being a sales agent is that you can work and travel to other destinations for a certain period of time. You would be really lucky if your company allows you to choose where to work; but that is seldom the case.

Health Coach

Though there is usually no company that will give you the chance to travel, being a health coach allows you to earn big and enjoy the flexibility of your schedule. This simply means that it would be easy for you to find the time for your worldwide exploration.

Be a Travel Agent

The title itself says it all; you can travel with this kind of job. This job allows you to get all the discounts and freebies being offered by travel suppliers. Such benefits include; FAMs or familiarization trips.

Be a Website Designer or Developer

Being a web designer, by itself, may not give you the chance to travel. You can easily do your job at home or anywhere else with Internet connection. But the demand for this job means you get paid pretty well, and that should allow you to travel to places unknown.

Be an English Teacher

English, being the Universal language is popular and there are several people from all over the world who want to learn, understand and speak it. If you are very fluent in English, you can try applying for an English tutor abroad.

Work for a Cruise Line

Cruise lines go from one island to another. The good thing is that they are also constantly on the lookout for new employees. You can apply to be a cruise line employee if you have expertise on this departments; guest services, food and drinks, entertainment and HR.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Being a “volunteer’ means not earning big. But being a Peace Corps volunteer also means the chance to travel the globe, while making a big difference to the humanity.

Au Pair

Being an Au Pair is probably one of the best options for working and traveling at the same time. This job obligates you to take care of the children, but it also allows you live in foreign land for free.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide means being on tours most of the time. If you are thinking of applying for this position, it would be a good idea to determine and decide if you can live in that foreign land for while.

Write Travel Articles

Being a writer is fun. And writing travel articles and stories is one of the best ways to travel, explore and enjoy the rest of the world. Start your own travel website or blog today, write about travel destinations and travel tips, do some SEO and online marketing. After a few months you will start earning money. Research online and learn about different monetization options for your site.

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